What type of staff do you provide?
Royalty Staffing provides a wide range of hospitality positions for both front of house and back of house.

Will the staff help with set up and breakdown?
Royalty Staffing employees will do anything that is asked of them, as long as it falls within their general job description and does not jeopardize their safety.

Are your bartenders able to help with serving?
All of our bartenders are cross-trained to do service work as well.

Can I get the same great staff back at my future events?
Absolutely. After every event, a Royalty Staffing office team member will contact you for feedback on the staff. Staff whom you liked and performed well can be added to your request list and staffed on your future events, as much as possible.

Does your staff need direction or can we just turn a party over to them?
We can provide party captains and event managers who can run your event from start to finish. If your event does not require that level of staffing, a well-written timeline and a clear description of your needs communicated clearly to the staff at the start of your event is all that’s needed for our staff to carry out their duties responsibly.

How much training does your staff have?
Royalty Staffing employees come to our company with an average of several years of experience in the foodservice industry. We offer training on an on-going basis which gives our staff the opportunity to continually improve and sharpen their skills.

Classes that we offer include:
• Formal Service, including French, Russian, and Synchronized
• Home Parties
• Leadership
• Bartending
• TIPS Bartender certification and training

What if I need to place an order or change an order outside of regular business hours?
A Royalty Staffing client services representative is always available after hours by cell phone. 
Here are our after hour cell phone numbers:

What kind of insurance coverage does Royalty Staffing have?
Royalty Staffing employees are covered by full Workers’ Compensation insurance, four million dollars in General Liability insurance and one million dollars in Liquor Liability coverage.

If I have an upcoming event but am unsure about all of the details, should I place an order now or wait until later?
Event particulars can always be changed. It’s always a good idea to place your order as soon as you’re certain that you have a need for staff on a specific date. However, if your event is being held during the busy XMAS holiday season, it’s best to place your order early.

Can you fill last minute orders?
Yes, we’re last minute staffing specialists! There may be rare occasions when we are sold out and unable to meet specific needs, but that’s the exception, not the rule.

What is Royalty Staffing’s cancellation policy?
Check with your Royalty Staffing office for details.

How does Royalty Staffing bill if the staff is not released exactly on the hour?
We bill in 15-minute increments, rounded up or down depending on the exact time our staff leaves your event.

When does travel pay apply?
Travel pay may apply when the venue for your event is more than twenty miles from Royalty Staffing’s local office.

Can you help me determine how many staff I need?
Absolutely. Call your nearest Royalty Staffing office and an associate will be happy to discuss your event in detail and help you determine the staffing solution that will meet your needs.

Do I need to sign a contract?
All that’s required is a simple Event Services Agreement which outlines our basic policies and specifies payment terms. Once an agreement is in place, just give us a phone call or email to place your order.

Do you require a minimum number of hours for your staff?
Yes. Our rates are based on a five-hour minimum, which is an average length for most events. We recommend that staff arrive at least thirty minutes prior to the start of an event to set up and stay about the same amount of time afterward to help you clean up and keep your space looking tidy. For shorter events, we can negotiate an alternative hourly rate or a flat rate.

Help! My caterer’s been abducted by aliens and my rental company went AWOL…can you help me?
Of course! We can provide referrals to trusted caterers, valet companies, security companies, and even equipment rental companies to provide your event with tables, chairs, tents, bars, and more. Please be aware, however, that some of these companies are closed on the weekends and book up quickly around holidays.

Do you have bilingual staff?
Yes! We have much staff who can work comfortably in an immersed Spanish-speaking environment.

The staff at my event did a fantastic job! How can I provide them with a gratuity?
You may either tip the staff at the event or ask us to include an amount in the final invoice. As always, tipping is customary but not mandatory – we do encourage tipping any staff member who does an exceptional job!

Are there any other charges besides the staff’s base rate I should be aware of?
Occasionally a few instances come up that may require a small extra charge:

• For events that require more than a 40-mile round trip for our staff (measured from the location of our local office), we add a one hour per staff drive time/fuel charge to help offset their fuel costs and travel time.
• If there is no free or low-cost parking available for our staff around your event, we may negotiate a small parking allowance to offset the cost for staff who have to park in a lot or garage.

Do you require a deposit to reserve an event?
In general, no. For most events, we simply authorize a major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX) to reserve services for an event, but you may either choose to use that credit card, a different credit card, or a check for payment – after you receive the final invoice for the event.

Where did you find such professional, courteous staff?
We’ve searched far and wide to find the friendliest and most professional staff in the Southern California area. Royalty Staffing only hires bartenders and servers with a minimum of two years experience in their field. We believe that your event is far too important to be a learning experience for them. Royalty adheres to standardized serving and bartending techniques to ensure that you and your guests receive the highest quality customer service possible.